Sunday, May 10, 2009

Friendly theory!

These day's I think I am exhibiting this subtle hints arrogance. I say this, because I have already used four 'I" in two short sentences. Hints of arrogance also because, I have this new drive to write theories, some might call it personal philosophies! Sharing and learning through my experiences! Well here I go! What makes good friends? I have this very special group of friends! The number is fast reducing as life brings takes us through new avenues of work and marriage. Many say that friends are generally people with common interests and outlook! Can good friends also be people who don't share commonalities in outlook and interest but be people who respect boundaries? Good walls make good neighbors, why cant good walls also make good friends? Well, some might say, with a wall, how can there be friends! As a very private person, I think my friendship is centered around people who can lead, respect and enjoy their own lives and still have the time to have a good time with other people!

I end with the theory that, my friend theory doesn't make sense and I stand clarified of my misconception before writing this.