Monday, July 25, 2011

The start of the 30's

I have heard the phrase " you are the future" so many times, that i think it has got me into a trance and I lived my life with that in my subconscious, until the day of the awakening, when i realized, i am no more the future but the present and probably will become the past soon. :) I remember a teacher telling me that the teen phase will feel the longest and the twenties will just fly by before you know it. Very true, I am on the thirties journey now.
Its a reflective moment as I am at a loss to judge how the journey till the start of the thirties is to be measured. I think the most appropriate question as frequently asked on advertisement is, HAVE I MADE MY LIFE LARGE?
On a personal level, i guess, the best measure would be family. I haven't started mine, so i wonder if i have failed. I see some of my married friends and i know i haven't while some of them make me wish i had started my journey on that front too.

On a professional side, i think i have fared decently with no guilt of wasting time, un-justified salary or the training and travel hunger. I have contributed and in my own ways of measurement, left my mark.
I have met lot of people, have lots of friends and have had my crazy moments. Life could have been better had i strived harder, but I think, in many ways, i consciously chose not to.

I m probably half way through and with my thirty years of experience, I m going to make sure that i make my life as LARGE as possible.