Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taking away GNH

I remember a remark by the Lyonchen after his visit to Brazil that he was impressed with the way they were applying GNH into their lives. He then comes back and orders that ways and means be employed to do the same thing in Bhutan. Including it in education curriculum, trying to get in a forced angle of GNH in everything the Govt does, including the phrase in all important official letters was the only way they saw. Sad and petty! Simple and the most fundamental of it all would be to enact fair and just laws. The tobacco act has taken away so much GNH from people. We are a small country, a small society, where most are relatives others are good friends, friends of friends atleast. Anyone effected by this horrendous act has effect on the GNH of the others. God save us all.

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