Friday, January 28, 2011

Record for reference during voting!

As normal and ordinary human being, we generally prefer to react when something is before our eyes. The other humane quality of forgetfulness and forgiveness generally let go on the incident after sometime. So, this is a quest to maintain some kind of record for future reference of the whats being done by the political parties, the good, the bad and the ugly! The decision in who to vote for will be clearer with more information. This is a late start as democratically elected government has been in power for about 3 years. So, whatever is recorded here about whats happened before this day is all out of memory. What happens here after, it will be my constant effort to timely update the here goes:

1. I remember clearly although i was not in the country , the results of the first elections were declared, DPT won by a landslide majority and PDP cried foul and the two MP's threatened to resign. I felt then that PDP was being very irresponsible in accepting the defeat. A beautiful and peaceful transition to democracy was at the danger of loosing its image with the international community.

Negative points to PDP here

2. I also remember reading in a international news paper ( newyork times probably) that one of the founding members of PDP was having no qualms in talking to the international news reporter a day before the elections, with a beer can covered in a news paper, in a bar/restaurant. A day before the elections is declared a dry day by the election commission.

Negative points again to PDP

3. The first democratically elected government was established and then the important role of endorsing the constitution started with the first session of the elected representatives in the NA and NC. The entire country was now faced with the result of what they had done. It started with the total disregard for the proposal of having the Deputy speaker from the opposition.
Poor quality discussions in the NA with closed ears for good suggestions from the opposition party because of their minor presence was the result of what the people had chosen. The acts on the table for discussions were the most important acts, which would have implications not only to the present population but to the future generations as well. I felt sadness and wished it was less of teachers and inexperienced ( probably unemployed) graduates and more of experienced professionals researching and giving their views. I also wished for more debate which was probably lacking because of the minuscule opposition. All constitutional issues surrounding the CDG and the taxation might be a result of inadequate debate

Negative points to DPT and the voters.

4. Approving and hiding of the CDG

The DPT showed the power of their absolute majority in the house. My personal opinion on CDG is that it gives focused political mileage and will probably ensure hereditary politicians. If the intent was really in trying to help people, there are established mechanisms to allocate the fund to the required people. I feel that the whole idea of CDG was for the money to flow from the MP's hands into their constituency. On a positive, I think the CDG will ensure that voters continue having the will to make lots of effort in going to vote. My biggest fear in the intent of the CDG by the ruling government came when they tried to hide the CDG fund in getting the budget approved. This was as sick as it could get and even the best of intent executed in such a way will not have the faith of the people.

Negative points to DPT!

5. who is the big daddy? - Irresponsible decisions.

With a landslide victory and huge representation in the NA, the ruling government is making the most of it. First, it pushes for a revision in tax with out NA approval and then riding on their ego and pride they decide to appeal against a high court ruling which reiterates that the tax revision is illegal. What seems to come on this issue is that, no MP ever thought about direct and indirect taxes when the constitution was being endorsed ( probably because of lack of proper debate).

Then comes the infamous law on the huge restrictions on smoking which is subtle way of banning smoking. The intent is good here, but a ban against smoking is a law for irresponsibility. A smoker at the most is being irresponsible in managing his health. I think there are bigger irresponsibilities that the ruling government should be worried about such as alcohol. I would infact be really happy if such a strong law is framed for the corrupt. But no, in the country today, its more dangerous to be smoking than to be corrupt.

I bet talibanism started on that note too. With very good and religious intents. The danger is of a precedence being set, which can open the doors for many drastic, puritanic and sadistic laws.

There was again this case of salary increase where the MP's were given more than approved and later when the media highlighted it, the government withdrew it citing it as a typographical error.

The most recent issue was that of changing the time for the party goers. Minister MoIC, buys beautiful dress for his daughter and asks her to party at home and so, he feels justified that others should do the same too. Ego Centric or plain stupid???
Negative points to DPT.

Uptill not, to me it seems like a bad start by PDP, a good start by DPT with the present situation being the exact reverse.

I know they say it is the doer's who get criticized and its very easy to be sitting in a chair and commenting on what others do. But the state of things are such that, it really makes me wonder, what if PDP was in power.

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