Friday, January 14, 2011

Smoke in the air!

I am not talking about the smoke that we see in the mornings covering the thimphu city because of the bukhari's. I am talking about the smoke that we inhale and psychologically experience some pleasure.

It is a sad day for me today. I am onto my last packet of cigarette i had kept as stock incase it would be difficult to get a packet. I hoped that i would be able to quit by the time this stock finishes. Alas, my urge to smoke remains the same and in a day or two, legally, i am a criminal and playing my role in smuggling by buying cigarettes. It really saddens me that I am going to do something illegal, as i really aspire to be a law abiding productive citizen. I guess, a time comes when we are tested. For better or for worse, because of the will of the PASSIONATE lawmakers, i now stand at the gates of becoming a criminal, caught in act or not is a altogether different issue. In-principle, i already am.

I really wonder why the government did not take moderate steps in first banning the smoking in public places and imposing higher taxes. This method failing, i feel they could have taken drastic measures as they have now. The authorities proudly claim that they don't see smokers in the streets and public places now. The question is, couldn't they have achieved this by banning smoking in public places and placing huge fines for the defaulters?

If the intent was of being a responsible government in helping people do the right thing, shouldn't the government have proposed the banning of tobacco, alchohol and doma as one single act? I think our passionate law makers have really lost it this time, and principally, increased the number of un-law-abiding citizen in the country. I really wonder about the long term effects by this law. I m guessing it would probably increase the number of people, who take on to criminal doings, for what is the difference between breaking one law or more laws. As breaking the law becomes a norm and as smuggling becomes lucrative during times of high un-employment, the whole culture of the way people function might change drastically.

For the want of international recognition, i wonder if the government has faltered hugely and really changed the course of the way people think and behave.

In hope of a divine intervention!

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