Friday, January 28, 2011

A voters dilemma!

I exercised my first power as a empowered democratic citizen. I went to vote for the Mayor. All the events that led to the day of the vote was interesting. There were friends who were trying to coerce me to vote for a particular candidate, I was trying to exercise my independent judgment on who I should vote for, and there was the general population talking about the preferred candidate. These factors make voting a very complex decision.
I think many of the eligible voters were going similar dilemma as some of the voters i talked to while standing in line to vote hadn't decided who to vote for. Very interesting!

My independent analysis was confusing too. One candidate to me, by his qualifications seemed to better in probably making holistic decision for the betterment of the city. I didn't know him personally. The other candidate, i know him personally to an extent, but i know him very well professionally. In case of need of some services in the future, this candidate would definitely would be able to help me better as I can personally approach him because of our acquaintance. I have enough knowledge about his professional doings to know that i shouldn't vote for him.

The voting day came and i voted for the candidate who i thought would be better for the city than for myself. The candidate i voted for, lost unfortunately! I think i exercised my first democratic vote in a responsible manner. Today, when people ask me who i voted for, I say only god knows!

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