Tuesday, August 16, 2011


What does it mean to be educated? Getting a degree? sit in a class long enough and with enough patience everyone will probably have one after about fifteen years of education if you take the standard approach locally available. Well to many, i have a feeling it is means sitting in a class room setting with a lecturer teaching or guiding. I think many fail to understand that the years spent in schooling is a means to an end. Schooling is probably expected you to read, write comprehend and probably help in thinking and researching on your own. There is no way any form of schooling can prepare you for the many facets of life. Schooling will probably impart you with few skills that can get you started, but it is important to evolve and rise to the occasion that will frequently present itself as you play out the many roles in life.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The remuneration dilemma of the Corporations!

Yup, its here. The long wait is finally over. We have 20% increase in salary. Yes, and this time too it is an allowance. The salary in the corporations have now become near incomprehensible with all the differently named allowances.
I wonder what is the reason for the affection for allowances by our corporate decision makers. I know for sure that the implication is on the accumulating Pension and Provident funds. As it stands today, with the 20% increase in allowances, the Civil Servants enjoy larger long term benefits than the Corporate employees simply for the reason that the Civil servants have a higher basic pay than that of the Corporations. I don't know whether this is a conscious decision of making it so or just a weakness on the part of our corporate decision makers to take strong decisions. If it was finally going to be just an increase in allowance, the question in my mind is, why did it take so long for them to arrive at such a simple decision? I can understand more complexity would be involved an increase in Basic salary or a total delinking from the civil service salaries.
I think its time the Corporate Decision makers sat down and really gave this issue a strong thought. All indications from the Government is that of a salary at par with the civil servants. If that is fair, then so be it. If it is not fair, then a stance should be taken and decisions taken accordingly. Our Bhutanese mentality of a neither here, nor there stance should be done away with. The Corporate Employees often argue of being more efficient and harworking than the Civil Servants. Perhaps, then the differential salary between the Corporate employees and civil servants should be a variable pay based on targets and achievements.
All said and done, I know for sure that Corporate employees certainly do not deserve to have lower pension and provident fund accumulation than that of civil servants. The Government will understandably be pro-civil servants atleast for the short term, given our hardened bureaucratic politicians, no matter what the rhetoric on importance of the private and corporate sector. Its for our Corporate Decision makers to work for the development of the corporate sector and protection of its interests in the long run.