Monday, March 23, 2009


I was on my way home at about 1:45 am. I had a small accident over the weekend, i think i dozed off. I am grateful to kenchosum that nothing happened to me, although the cost of repairing is pinching me. As i sit back and now try to analyze why it happened, i have come up with interesting reasons.

1. Alcohol - It was a weekend and like most people of my age, i had a few shots of whisky and it felt good. If this was the cause of the accident, i have driven that road many times, perhaps more drunk than the night of the accident.
2. Medicine - I had taken a tablet of citrizene at about 2 pm of the previous day. I was prescribed this same tablet at imtrat hospital few weeks earler and advised to take it before sleeping if i had car. I asked the pharamist whether i should be doing the same thing when i was prescribed the same medicine at JDNRH. They advised that as long as it was one tablet, there was no issue. Citrizine, i now know, causes drowsiness. don't knw if the effect would still be there 12 hours later because i started drinking alcohol about 6 hours after eating the tablet.

The reason for the accident i like to believe is was a compounded effect of all these reasons. I like a insight my friend gave me when i told him about the accident. Lot of people were using the word 'unlucky' to describe the incident, but a friend used the word ' careless' instead, and said unlucky is when you have left your car parked properly and then it still gets hit and you dont know who hit it. I agree

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