Monday, November 15, 2010

The ability to fade away!

They say there is always a time and place for everything. Let me extend this reasoning to what I am trying to convey here. There are many well known faces here in our country, past and present, who have laudable achievements and hence are legends in their own rights. Well, thank you for what you all have done, and like it or not, its time for a new generation to take a shot at making history and casting their names on stone walls. Its time that the icons of their time know, they have had their time and now its time to fade away.

I write this inspired by His Majesty the fourth King, who has lead a very iconic life and whose contributions are many and now is leading the way in showing how to fade away. All of us have seen how little we see of him although we desire to see and hear more of him. His Majesty is showing that there is a new king and there is where all the focus should be. There are time like the Bumthang tragedy, where the present king was not in the country and his Majesty the fourth king has stood up to the call of a grieved nation. Our respect and love for the the Fourth king grows immensely everyday for his ability to do the right thing at the right time. He has not succumbed to the petty human need of recognition and public attention whether deserving or not.

There are many today in the public service who realize that their time has come and gone and yet they hang on. I wonder whether they realise that their selfishness is a cost the nation causing inefficiency and breeding negatives work cultures. Its time to move on and let the nation be served by people who should! Thank you but goodbye

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