Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Civil society!

I am appalled by what i read in the the opposition leaders blog. MP's to get salary revision from April 2008, while civil servants get it only with effect from January 2009. I am more appalled by the fact that no official hue and cry seems to be there about it. Why is the media not reporting about it? Even if the Finance minister approved of such a note ( probably for political interests), why did the finance secretary not react to it? Just before democratically elected ministers were sworn in, capable secretaries were put in place in all the ministries to ensure that the there were proper checks.

Although huge changes in system and procedures have taken place in the way our society is supposed to function, we still seem to live in our past. Ministers still seem to have king like security. The empowered and capable secretaries don't seem to be in the picture at all. Fundamental rights of citizens have been defined in the constitution but no one seem to be exercising it. Media has been empowered, but still has a lot to do in informing the mass. Our present civil society definitely requires more civility. We need to take more control and responsibility. We are now faced with a government who will think a 5 year term and look at selfish interests. We do not have a Magnanimous King looking after the daily affairs of the kingdom and peoples welfare.

DPT government seem to be faltering a lot. I am sure there would have been similar issues if it was PDP at the helm. Both these parties are led by humans after all. What I think we lack, is a opposition who has the weight to make some noise. Most of voted for leadership this time. Perhaps, this is where we have faltered. We need to vote for capable constituency representatives to ensure balanced representation in the National Assembly. As important as it is to get the party we believe into power, it is important proper debates happen. Debates, check and balance mechanisms seem to be important for a vibrant democracy. We should not be swayed by pep talks like ' not to vote for the wrong/evil party'.

Lessons are being learnt, society is maturing, things seem to be moving....perhaps not fast enough!

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