Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Before me is a system of courts, laws and procedures which i find difficult to call as the system of justice, although the intent is perhaps so.

I am not a brilliant man but i am not stupid either. I don't understand how a rocket can be sent to the moon but i understand simple english sentences and phrases in laws and acts. I know there are law jargons which are not daily english, but with "google" how difficult can it be to understand the jargons too. law-reason with out passion, a simple yet powerful defination. We don't need a law degree to understand simple and stated laws, we perhaps need law degrees to frame laws.

A small country and a smaller judicial community, how easy is it to obtain justice from the such a system? Best to keep away from it as far as possible, if my experience with it is anything to go by. They have the discretionary power to ignore incriminating facts and figures citing laws and procedures and other times they choose to accept facts and figures even though the same procedures and laws dont allow it. I wonder, if they realise at the end of the day all procedures and laws were framed to deliver justice. JUSTICE! JUSTICE! JUSTICE!

To get justice or get decisions in our favour, thorough my experience with the law, i have realised that, beyond logic, reasoning, evidence and law, there is a more powerful tool. It is called influence. It is a good idea to have a family member working in the judicial system or at least a relative, or at the least a very good friend.

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